The Tunic


 It was up to a legions commander what color the troops wore. While Leg II will wear different colors for different events our primary colors are red for all Enlisted, Standard Bearer's, Optio's and Centurio's. Pilus Prior Centurions, Primipilus Centurion and Unelected Military Tribunes, white. Equestrian Tribunes the Tunica Angusticlavi, white with a thin purple stripe. Senatorial Tribune and Legate the Tunica Laticlavi, white with a broad purple stripe. Tunics were made from either Wool or Linen.

 The following equipment is listed in the order you will need it. Click on the item for more detail or go to the Leg XX website. This website by Matt Amt is highly recommended for Roman Reenactors. A short list of Equipment links can be found on the Links page.

Tirone kit (1-4)

1. Tunic: See above.

2. Caligae: Roman sandals, brown leather.

3. Balteus/Cinculum Militaire: Military belt, long apron (1st century) or short (mid 2nd century).

4. Pugio: 7" to 11" leaf blade, non-ornate handle.

Probatus Kit (1-8)

5. Gladius&Baldric: Pompeii, Mainz, Fulham.

6. Pilum: Roman spear. 2 are reccomended.

7. Scutum: Roman shield.

8. Sagum: Roman cloak. Red, red-brown or oatmeal in color.

Legionary Kit (1-11)  

9. Cassis: Roman helmet. The type depends on your time period. The most common in use for Leg II are types Italic G, Gallic H&G.

10. Lorica: Five types were used. A Subarmalis worn under the Lorica is reccomended. 

a. Segmentata: Steel segmented plate. Worn by Enlisted personal and Optio's.

b. Hamata: Chain Mail. Worn by Auxillaries, Standard bearers and Centurions.

c. Squamata/Plumata: Iron or bronze scales. Worn by Centurions, Standard bearers and Auxllaries.

d. Cuirass:  Bronze or Iron back and front plates. Worn by officers some could be ornate.

11. Sarcina: Satchel on a T type pole. A soldiers back pack.


12. Greaves: Iron or Bronze.

13. Manica: Segmented Iron or Bronze arm guards

14. Crest: Horse hair crest attaches to the top of the helmet.

Standard Bearers

 Standard bearers also had wolf or bear skin coverings and a Parma, a small round shield.