Legatus (Senatus): Commanded a Legion.

Tribunus Laticlavus (Senatus): Senatorial Tribune, a Magistrate of Rome.

Praefectus Castra: Quatermaster, Promoted from Primipilus. His civilian counterpart was the Praefectus Fabrum.

Tribuni Angusticlavi (Eqiutes): Equestrian Tribunes, commanded a Calvary unit.

Primipilus Centurion: The senior Centurion. Commanded the first Cohort and it's senior Century.

Tribuni Cohortis (Unelected): Commanded a Aux unit or had other various duties.

Tribuni Rufulus (Appointed): Appointed by the commander, had various duties.

Pilus Prior Centurions: Commanded a Cohort and it's first Century. Ranked in seniority the senior most is the Primipilus.

Centurio: Commanded a Century.

Optio: Later added as a rear rank officer to help the Centurio. Training to become a Centurio.

Contubernalis: A Cadet attached to the Legate's staff. Usually a noble born young man starting his political career.


Standard Bearers


Aquilifer: The Legions standard bearer (the Eagles). The best man in the Legion.

Signifer: The Century's standard bearer. The best man in the Century.

Imago: Carried an image of the Emperor.

Vexillifer: Carries the Detachments Vexillum.

Cornicen: The Century's signal/bugle player.




Tesserarius: A senior soldier (nco) in charge of guard duties.

Decanus: A senior soldier (nco) in charge of a 8 soldiers and 2 Volones (a tent group).

Legionary/Milites Gregari: A commom soldier.

Probatus: A trained recruit.

Tiro: A recruit in training.


Cohorts Rank Quick Chart


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